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Fresh pasta is the main element, the condiments the right frame.


  • Logo design
  • Brand Identity
  • Coordinated image design and printing
  • Web design
  • User Experience
  • Visual Design
  • Social Media Management
Adesso Pasta is a new, young, dynamic project that wants to revive simple and genuine flavors with a touch of modernity. Fresh pasta is the main element, the condiments the right frame.

The Challenge

Designing an identity that based its image on the past, recalling the old shops of the past, but with a modern and dynamic style.

The Solution

We have studied and analyzed the characteristics of the communication of the past, taking up the style of the shops, small pasta factories, shops. Their signs, their labels, their packaging. From this starting point we continued by redesigning two specific fonts by reconstructing each letter: Spaghetti Sans and Aldente Bold.

The brand is created with the use of three different fonts recalling the compositions of the past. The S of "pasta" becomes a characterizing element, in Art Decò style, recalling a spaghetti ready to be tasted. The brand is placed in a "container", typical of the style of the past, which takes the shape of a maccherone. The color palette is simple, elegant and meaningful, taking up the color of the pasta and the typical blue of the paper in which the freshly drawn pasta was wrapped after the sale.

To create contrast and communicate modernity and creativity, a specific illustration was then created, very particular in composition, colors, shapes, used in the store and on the media.

Finally, the site, in addition to presenting in a clear and complete way what Adesso Pasta offers, becomes a tool for managers as, thanks to the specially created reserved area, it allows them to create the page with the dish of the day every day. in addition to being published on social networks, it is presented directly at the point of sale on the maxi screen present.

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