Gruppo Bonomi

New without changing.


  • Logo design
  • Brand Identity
  • Coordinated image design and printing
  • Web design
  • User Experience
  • Visual Design
Bonomi Group is a very important reality in Italy and in the world that deals with producing elements for the railway, energy, electromechanical and automotive sectors.

The Challenge

New without changing.
Here in three words what the challenge was. One of the most difficult.
Implement a complete and profound rebranding, without losing what it has been able to achieve for twenty years.

The Solution

The logo was the most important and recognizable element, but it presented a series of problems of harmony and reproducibility. Attention was immediately focused on its improvement.
There are many roads that have been traveled in an attempt to find a new brand, but the more we traveled them, the more we realized that they would take us away from the secure base built over so many years.
It became evident that the correct strategy was to review the existing brand, revolutionize it without losing its distinctive features.

This is why it has been revised in meaning, composition, proportions, defining every detail (proportions, distances, thicknesses, angles, colors), avoiding overlapping and making it reproducible in any context with maximum effectiveness.

Once the logo was defined, all the communication tools were created: corporate identity, website, catalogs, company profile, internal signage, etc.

A project that makes us proud for the results achieved, which began as a decidedly arduous challenge, but which continues as a fruitful and winning collaboration.

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