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Perseus Arkomanis is a professional Greek magician, rather appreciated for his pleasantly narrative style with deep meanings that makes his performances interesting and engaging.

The Challenge

Designing an elegant and personal brand which contain profound meanings related to the person and his style rather than to the profession.

The Solution

We designed the logo from the origins of Perseus using the typical design of the Ionic capital to create the initial. We have also symbolically resumed his magical philosophy based on the three targets of magic (eyes, mind and heart) by inserting three grooves.

Strong elegance pervades the whole image thanks to the color choices, proportions and fonts used. The embossed gold finish on business cards also creates strong appeal making them memorable and a perfect business tool.

The site has been carefully structured as a communication tool for Perseus customers, informing them about the advantages of choosing Perseus, the services offered as well as a FAQ section for immediate answers to the most common questions.

The media section also allows you to see Perseus in action, while the blog helps Perseus demonstrate their skills, helps those interested in getting more information and helps the site to be positioned better in search engines.

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In addition to the professional site we have designed the e-commerce dedicated to the Perseus production house for which, in addition to the platform, we have designed the logo.

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