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For over 50 years, Serotti and Ghidini have been producing products in the non-ferrous metal die casting sector (aluminum and zamak).
Spread over a covered area of 161460 sqft divided into 3 factories, the company has achieved excellent goals thanks to continuous investment in research, technology and know-how.
This success deserved a modern image that reflected the company's solidity.

The Challenge

Designing a recognizable identity that communicates security and strength in a modern key with cleanliness and elegance.

The technical aspect was of fundamental importance given the sector to which the company belongs and in which it has been operating for several decades.

The Solution

We have revised the color palette creating a captivating contrast between the gray of the cold metal and the orange of the molten metal.

The brand has been completely redesigned making it solid, professional, in which the & is born from the union of the initials, creating a crucible with the white space, thus transforming itself into a real logo.

The website has been developed to be usable on any device with ease. The communication was entrusted to videos and mini films combined with explanatory texts in order to be able to explain all the information and technical aspects in a complete and interesting way.

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